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Karnataka Girls Photo

Karnataka, with its capital Bangalore is the country the status of the eighth. Located on the Deccan plateau and is surrounded by Maharashtra to the North Sea in western Arabia, northwest Goa, Kerala, southwest Pradesh, Andhra and Tamil Nadu in the east to the southeast. Karnataka economy benefits from gold, manganese, oil seeds, coffee, sandalwood and silk production.

Karnataka Beautiful Girls Photo

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Karnataka Beautiful Girls Photo

Despite a number of etymologies have been proposed for the name Karnataka, the generally accepted view is that Ontario is derived from the Kannada words karu and Nadu which means elevated land. Karnataka pre-history dates back to Paleolithic hand ax culture evidenced by discoveries of, among other things, axes and knives in the region.

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Karnataka Beautiful Girls Photo

Karnataka is a state in southern India.It extends from the north to the south of Belgrano, the country Mangalore.It has different functions, which in many coastal areas have palm trees and beautiful beaches that are located in the interior mountains , valleys and farmlands.Karnataka is the sixth largest in India.

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